About Sons of Satoshi & How to get in touch!

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Sons of Satoshi established Block 773502, a financial education, bitcoin and privacy association.

There is a lot of noise among the signal - realising that a lot more other people might want to learn, share and educate themselves about the fiat monetary system & its issues, or learn about bitcoin as to how to use it and what it brings, or learn and share about privacy best practices and with mass surveillance building up (thus going by the cypherpunk ethos of the right to privacy for all). Sons of Satoshi a.k.a SoS21, started as a small group of individuals regularly sharing information with each other and learning from each other. Further extending it to more people who can join into this free and voluntary association to share knowledge and learn from each other.

The scope of SoS21 is very wide including finance, economics, bitcoin, privacy and security. To hold regular meetups, and workshops and share and discuss these as well as other things to try to get an edge on the "Self Sovereignty" mindset. To hang out and share in an open and free manner.

SoS21 is an apolitical, neutral and non-divisive group and every individual can have their own views and not one single view represents the views of all.

You can reach out to us via the following  methods:

Email: sonsofsatoshi21@protonmail.com

Element (Matrix): #sonsofsatoshi21:matrix.org (bridged with Telegram)

Telegram: https://t.me/sonsofsatoshi21 (bridged with Matrix)

Nostr: npub1space0eyter298f894ennpwlsdl78ujjlhcj9276vfs85zha0hss62s9zu

Notice: Telegram & Matrix bridged groups are not End-to-End Encrypted due to the bridging mechanism. They are designed for an open public chat. For the most secure privacy-friendly method reach out to us via email.

Our Ethos:

OP_Return Record of Marking the Launch: Block 773502