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How to Join SoS21 Association.
Join the Association

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Hi, we are a group of Financial Freedom and Privacy enthusiasts. We recognise the problems of a broken fiat system and the right to privacy for all.

We will be holding regular meetups and workshops as a group of individuals who want to learn and share, whether it's about finance, economics, bitcoin, privacy and security.

There are no charges, no association fees & no monetary involvement for anyone - the only goal is to SHARE KNOWLEDGE and learn from others. And it's free to hang-out and share.

You can reach out to us via the following  methods:

Email: sonsofsatoshi21@protonmail.com

Element (Matrix): #sonsofsatoshi21:matrix.org (bridged with Telegram)

Telegram: https://t.me/sonsofsatoshi21 (bridged with Matrix)

Nostr: npub1space0eyter298f894ennpwlsdl78ujjlhcj9276vfs85zha0hss62s9zu

Notice: Telegram & Matrix bridged groups are not End-to-End Encrypted due to the bridging mechanism. They are designed for an open public chat. For the most secure privacy-friendly method reach out to us via email.